Who is responsible for clearing sidewalks and trails when there is a lot of snow?

The Town does not clear snow from pathways or sidewalks as this responsibility legally falls to the abutting property owners. By Title V, Chapter 53, §53.16 of the Town code, abutting property owners are required to remove snow, ice and debris from any sidewalk or pathway that passes along their property (front/side/rear) to a minimum width of four feet by noon of the second day after a snowfall. This minimum width was included so those living along wider pathways are not burdened more than those living along a narrower sidewalk. The Town is simply not staffed or equipped to routinely clear snow from all the pathways and sidewalks.

Zionsville Parks & Recreation Department does not clear trails unless there is accumulation of three inches of snow or more. The department does not work overtime, with the exception of  Level 1 priorities:

  • Park sidewalks along town roads (Elm Street Green, Lincoln Park, Mulberry Fields)
  • Zion Nature Center parking area, drive and sidewalk
  • Rail Trail (Laurel Street/Nancy Burton Connection to Heritage Trail Park)
  • Mulberry Fields driveway and middle and south parking lots 

The department does not salt trails due to the effects on the environment (salt affects water quality when it washes into lakes and streams and seeps into groundwater) and fiscal impact.  

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