What is a Zoning Ordinance?

 “A zoning ordinance divides a jurisdiction of a local government into districts or zones. Within the zones, the ordinance regulates how the land is used, the intensity or density of uses, the bulk of buildings on the land, parking, building materials, and other aspects of land use and construction. 

The ordinance contains both written regulations and a zoning map, which may both be amended by the local legislative body.” (Chapter 8 of the Citizen Planner Guide; Indiana Planning Association)

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1. What is a Zoning Ordinance?
2. What is Form-Based Code?
3. What happened at the charrettes last year?
4. What other Indiana cities/towns are using a community-wide Form Based Zoning Ordinance?
5. Proposed zoning shows my land as “N-2 Neighborhood 2." Can I have a food truck?
6. Proposed zoning shows my land as “N-1 Neighborhood 1." Can I continue to farm my land?
7. Can I park my daily commuting car/truck (work vehicle) in my driveway?
8. Why is the Town working to implement a new zoning code?
9. How will the Town handle having two codes running simultaneously?
10. What is the transition plan for rural to urban services?
11. How has the Town considered the desire of the community in these decisions?
12. Are the Town's regulations for Noise, Drainage & Stormwater being updated or affected by Form-based Code?
13. Section 3.17 - PUD - no buffering requirements are included in this section. We believe this is something important to add.
14. Invasive species (page 225-226) - how will this be handled?