Why is the trail being widened by 2 feet?

This widening project has long been part of the Town’s plans for many years and is in fact in the 2018-2022 Parks Master Plan. The study was produced by REA with input from Town administration, Town Council, Parks Board, Parks and Recreation Department, and residents. View the Parks Master Plan (2018-2022) here. This widening will improve the user experience and trail safety as more cyclists, runners, strollers, dogs and pedestrians enjoy our regional trail.

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1. What is going on with the Rail Trail?
2. Why is the trail being widened by 2 feet?
3. How is this project being communicated?
4. Can I access the trail while construction in ongoing?
5. When will each phase take place?
6. Why are trees being cleared?
7. Can my child still walk to Pleasant View Elementary?