What is going on with the Rail Trail?

In 2019, the Zionsville Town Council approved a parks bond to complete the Rail Trail corridor by extensions south from Eagle Creek to Zionsville Road and north from Heritage Trail Park to 400 S. In 2021, the Parks Department was awarded the Next Level Trails grant for $1.8 million to assist with the active extension projects as well as a southern trailhead facility. With this award, the Department and Park Board had the opportunity to evaluate the condition of the existing Rail Trail corridor and begin plans for replacement and improvement.

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1. What is going on with the Rail Trail?
2. Why is the trail being widened by 2 feet?
3. How is this project being communicated?
4. Can I access the trail while construction in ongoing?
5. When will each phase take place?
6. Why are trees being cleared?
7. Can my child still walk to Pleasant View Elementary?