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Posted on: March 27, 2023

Trash update for residents in the urban service district

Trash Update

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Phone: 855-WASTE-65 (855-927-8365)



FAQs regarding trash/recycling collection are posted here.

Week of 4/10 update

A new trash schedule begins today. Your trash/recycling service day may have changed. If you have not yet received the mailer from Priority, you can view the digital mailer here.

Town Council members approved an ordinance establishing the trash/recycling fees with the new service provider, Priority. The rates are:

  • Year One: $11.95 plus Boone County Solid Waste Management District Special Fee (.40 per household per month)
  • Year Two: $12.21 plus Boone County Solid Waste Management District Special Fee (.40 per household per month)
  • Year Three: $12.68 plus Boone County Solid Waste Management District Special Fee (.40 per household per month)

Week of 4/3 update

Trash service remains on the same schedule this week. New schedule begins April 10th. This mailer has important trash/recycling information. 

3/31 update

Residents in the urban service district will soon receive a mailer from Priority - Zionsville's new trash/recycling provider. This mailer has important trash/recycling information. Some things to note:

Recycling collection

  • Recycling collection will remain on an every-other-week schedule. You can find your schedule in the mailer.
  • Priority will continue to service the current recycling carts. Over the next few months, Priority will affix a sticker with their logo and contact information. 

Trash collection

  • Your service day may have changed. Make sure to check the schedule in the mailer to see when Priority will collect your trash and recycling material. 
  • This new collection schedule begins on April 10.
  • Priority starts collection at 7 am until they are finished.
  • For now, trash service will remain as it has been, which allows bagged trash and/or trash cans until the June implementation of automated trash collection. 
  • Around the first week of June, Priority will provide every home a new 95-gallon trash cart. 
  • Each household is allowed up to two trash carts to be collected weekly.


  • During their April 10 meeting, Town Council will introduce an ordinance codifying the new rates.

3/27 update

During the March 20 Town Council meeting, members had a sealed bid opening for trash/recycling providers. We received three trash/recycling bids (Waste Management, Republic Services and Priority). Priority has been determined to be the lowest responsive and responsible bidder.

  • It's still business as usual for residents so please continue to place trash/recycling containers as you have.
  • We are finalizing contracts.
  • There are NO anticipated disruptions to residential trash and recycling services.
  • Town Council is working to schedule a meeting to establish an ordinance adopting the new rates. 
  • We’re currently in communication with Priority about the upcoming processes.
  • Residents will receive a mailer with info in the near future. Here is a copy of the mailer.

We will continue to keep you updated through digital media channels and mailers.

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