Rural to Urban Transition

In September and October of 2023, the Town Council met to consider transitioning certain areas from the Rural Service District to the Urban Service District of the Town of Zionsville. The areas to be reclassified from the Rural to Urban Service District include all properties within the Devonshire, Holliday Farms and Chelsea Park neighborhoods, in addition to a few lots contiguous to Chelsea Park. The transition is effective January 1, 2024

The following services are available to those in the Urban Service District. 

*Please note that all existing and future residential streets within the Holliday Farms subdivision are and will be privately owned and maintained. This service transition will not change that status. 

  • This service provides for the collection and disposal of small branches and sticks less than 6” in diameter. Residents are to stack their brush and limbs along the street in front of their homes just behind the curb or just off the street. 
  • The collection is biannual, typically the last two full weeks of April and the first two full weeks of October. 
  • There is a specific schedule for each area of town, and the schedule is posted here in the spring and fall.