Wayfinding Master Plan


The Town of Zionsville launched the Wayfinding Master Plan to direct residents and visitors to town amenities, attractions and businesses. 

Signage and wayfinding have been recommended for the Town of Zionsville for many years, dating back to at least the 2010 Comprehensive Plan. These plans, as well as any current planning efforts, were collected and reviewed to document any recommendations that would impact the wayfinding master plan.

The goals of the Wayfinding Master Plan are to:

  • Create a cohesive, equitable and creative wayfinding system for all vehicular, pedestrian and parking signs in the Zionsville area.
  • Attract and direct residents and visitors passing through the area to explore amenities, attractions and businesses within the community.
  • Connect pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles with not only the Village Business District and downtown area, but other shopping areas, parks, trailheads and community attractions.

Community Input

The initial community survey was launched in December 2020 to gather residents’ opinions on where they go, where they take visitors, what places are difficult to find and what type of signs they like.

The survey results helped the project team prepare preliminary signage concepts to the project committee. The survey results also helped with the creation of the signage location plan and message schedule, which includes the recommended sign locations (by sign type) along with the messages to be included on each sign. 

Once the preliminary concept design was chosen, the project team developed a full design plan for each type of sign to be included as part of the sign family. A virtual open house was held to present the preliminary signage designs to the public for review and feedback.