Big-4 Rail Trail Extension

2023 Widening and Improvement Project

The widening and improvement project will repair and widen the existing Rail Trail (from Heritage Trail Park south to Starkey Avenue). Closures will be completed in phases to allow the use of segments of the trail throughout the project:

  • Phase I: CR 875 E to Mulberry Street - this section is complete
  • Phase II: Mulberry Street to Starkey Avenue - this section is closed and expected to be complete in the fall of 2023

The widening will create a uniform 12’ wide trail with a 2' soft shoulder on each side (for runners).

Completed Projects

  • Replacement of Starkey Avenue bridge 
  • Southern extension and paving of the Big-4 Rail Trail
  • Northern extension of the Big-4 Rail Trail
  • Phase I of the widening and improvement project

Ongoing Projects

  • Phase II of Big-4 Rail Trail widening (souther section of the trail)
  • Construction of a new trailhead off Zionsville Road - anticipated to open fall 2023
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Phase I and Phase II Rail Trail Widening Projects

Rail Trail Widening Map