Curbside Compost Pickup

We've partnered with Earth Mama Compost to offer residents special pricing for curbside compost pickup. Earth Mama Compost is a local woman-owned business providing fee-based curbside compost to residents. 

Zionsville residents can sign up for this service for $10/month, a discount of 50%. Sign-up is available through the Earth Mama website

Those who sign up will receive a starter kit from Earth Mama Compost that includes a compost bucket, an 8-gallon compostable liner, a small countertop bin to keep in the kitchen and a roll of 3-gallon liners. Earth Mama will replace the compostable liner and provide a complimentary bucket of composted soil in the spring. All compostable kitchen scraps are picked up by Earth Mama Compost every other week and dropped off at GreenCycle where they are transformed into soil-enriching compost. 

Earth Mama

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