Citizen's Fire Academy

About the Citizen's Fire Academy

Note: Check back for information about the 2024 Citizen's Fire Academy.

Get an insider’s view of the Zionsville Fire Department by participating in the Citizen’s Fire Academy! Citizen's Fire Academy is a free public education program designed to increase the participant’s fire and safety awareness. Highlights include: 

  • Live fire training
  • Operating fire hoses 
  • Using extrication equipment and other firefighting power tools
  • History of the Zionsville Fire Department
  • Fire engine driver's training

Participants may also be moving objects in excess of 100 lbs., climbing ladders, crawling and wearing firefighter gear (including air masks and breathing apparatuses). There may be exposure to heights, tight spaces, live fire and elevated temperatures. All physical exercises are optional and while a medical physical is not required, any person that may have physical limitations interfering with the performance of such activities, such as respiratory ailments (e.g. asthma and similar conditions) or back or joint injuries, should consult their physician before participating in the Citizen’s Fire Academy.

For more information or questions, contact Public Educator Vincent Randolph at

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