License Plate Reader Cameras

Flock Safety Cameras

Zionsville Police Department has installed Flock Safety license plate reader cameras throughout Zionsville. This system securely captures images by using Vehicle Fingerprint technology to identify the license plate and vehicle make, type and color. 

The images captured are automatically downloaded and stored on a securely encrypted cloud server. This data is stored on the cloud for 30 days, after which all data is wiped from the cloud completely.

Cameras for HOAs and Businesses

Flock Safety also offers a camera system that homeowner’s associations (HOAs) and businesses can purchase and share to ZPD’s network for instant alerts to law enforcement and evidence-based documentation. Adding the camera is entirely voluntary for neighborhoods and businesses.

 What your neighborhood or business should know:

  • The cameras are 100% wire-free. They run on solar and battery power so no power source is necessary. This means neighborhoods can put the cameras nearly anywhere without the burden of costly infrastructure or the destruction of landscaping.
  • The HOA or business owns 100% of their data and, if it chooses, can share footage with ZPD. ZPD has strict guidelines about when and how they search and use the data. 
  • All costs for the camera(s) fall upon the HOA or business. 

For questions, please contact Captain Marius Klykken at or (317) 873-5967. HOAs and businesses interested can contact Flock Safety directly at (866) 831-5326 or visit

Flock Safety Camera