Stormwater Division

The Stormwater Division manages both public stormwater infrastructure and compliance with the Town's stormwater permit. Here is some of the work the Stormwater Division does:

Stormwater Education and Participation

How Stormwater is handled in Zionsville and the role of citizens. More info here

Stormwater Permits

New residential construction or any activity resulting in 10,000 square feet or more, but less than 1 acre of total land disturbance must apply for a Stormwater Individual Lot Permit. Construction activity resulting in 1 acre or more of total land disturbance must apply for a Stormwater Management Permit. More info here

Stormwater Ordinances and Standards

The Town of Zionsville’s Stormwater Ordinance and Technical Standards Manual establishes requirements for water quantity and water quality for new development, redevelopment and other construction projects located within the consolidated area of Zionsville. More info here.

Stormwater Program Information

Find out what is currently going on with the Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SWQMP), Annual Reports and other information about this program. More info here.


Want to learn more about efforts by staff to mitigate or have something you want us to check out? Visit this page.

What Can You Do?

The Town has partnered with other communities in a regional education and outreach program to inform and engage residents in real-life behavior changes. Visit Clear Choices, Clean Water and take a pledge to do your part in clean water.

What's Happening in our Watershed

Eagle Creek is the main stream running through our community. But not everyone realizes this is just a small contributor to Indiana’s larger watershed, the Upper White River. Check out the White River Alliance to view what’s happening around central Indiana and the fun activities available to experience this precious resource! 


Currently, the Stormwater Division is entirely funded by MVH Funds as the Town does not assess a Stormwater Fee.   

  1. Michael Susong

    Michael Susong, P.E.

    Stormwater Mgt. Division Supervisor