Zionsville Gateway Area

Project Background

With the demolition of the PNC bank building and locksmith shop at the northwest corner of Main and Sycamore Streets on July 28, 2020 the Town of Zionsville began the first stage of the plan for the Zionsville Gateway Area (ZGA). As part of the next stage, Mayor Emily Styron engaged the community: help us reinvent the gateway into our historic Village Business District.

ZGA Logo

The Mission of the ZGA Plan

Mission statement: We are here to identify the highest, best and most sustainable mix of uses within the Zionsville Gateway Area (ZGA) and to explore ideas for an economically vibrant, whole-community serving and authentically Zionsville experience.

This mission statement was generated by the Town of Zionsville and highlights the importance of identifying an economically vibrant outcome for the ZGA. It is the Town’s goal to address the area’s challenges and promote development that complements the activity and character of the Village, especially along Main Street. To do this, the Town is looking to identify the highest and best uses in a development plan for the ZGA. This plan likely includes a mix of public and private developments that brings together greenspace, parking and a variety of commercial, residential and mixed-use developments.

Former PNC Bank Building


Former Locksmith Shop

Locksmith shop demolition


The Town engaged DELV Design (DELV) and Thomas P. Miller & Associates (TPMA) to better understand what development residents would like to see, and how these preferences could take shape. 

TPMA and DELV identified three main objectives to guide the Town through the redevelopment based on design thinking methodologies. The three main objectives are included in the Design Process.

  1. Understand - solving the right problem
  2. Explore - solving the problem right
  3. Implement - next step: full design ahead

The Design Process

Design Process from DELV

Study Area

Exhibit C

Stakeholder Engagement

Creating a vision for “an economically vibrant, whole community serving, and authentically Zionsville experience” began by engaging Zionsville community members and residents. The Town of Zionsville involved the public in the development of a framework for future development in the ZGA. 

As part of the engagement with community members and residents (stakeholders), the project team held in-person and online listening sessions for the citizens of Zionsville to provide input on the direction of development within the area. Individual interviews were also conducted with property owners, business owners, and community-based organizations located around the ZGA. Discussions with developers that have had experience working in, or would like to work in, this area were also facilitated.

Stakeholder 1
Chamber 1

Next Steps

DELV and TPMA are finalizing the collected data from the survey, listening sessions and stakeholder interviews. In the summer of 2021, it is expected that the results of the study and data gathering will be presented to the community. The study will represent the first step toward achieving the Town’s goals for the ZGA, but this is only the beginning.