Golf Cart Registration


The Zionsville Police Department will issue registration permits for golf carts that meet the requirements. The biennial (every two years) registration fee is $50 per golf cart and must be renewed on a biennial basis. Revenue generated from these fees will be deposited into the Police Operating Fund to offset the costs of the program.

To register your golf cart, please complete the Golf Cart Registration Form below, print the form and bring it to the Municipal Action Center (MAC) at Zionsville Town Hall during business hours (Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.). You can also visit the MAC to obtain and complete the registration form. Once the form is complete, the MAC and Zionsville Police Department will issue you a permit.

For questions, please contact the MAC at or 317-873-5410.

Registration Form

Prohibited Streets

The Zionsville golf cart ordinance allows the legal use of golf carts by those with a valid operator’s permit on select approved streets within the urban district of Zionsville. The following streets are prohibited streets:

  1. 106th Street
  2. 116th Street 
  3. 96th Street
  4. Oak Street (golf carts may cross Oak Street)
  5. Sycamore Street (between First Street and Michigan Road)

Golf carts may cross Oak Street in order to travel from one street to another street if:

  1. The operation can be done safety; and
  2. The crossing is made in compliance with traffic requirements at an appropriate intersection.

Rules for Operating on a Public Roadway

  • Golf carts may not be operated on prohibited streets as listed in the ordinance.
  • Driver must have a valid driver’s license and proof of financial responsibility.
  • Driver must have a valid registration permit issued by ZPD.
  • Driver must stay in the far right of the traveled portion of the road.
  • Golf carts are prohibited from operation on trails, sidewalks, or other walking paths.
  • Driver must obey all driver’s licensing requirements and Indiana traffic laws and yield to the right of way of pedestrians and bicycles.
  • Driver may not have more than the number of passengers for which the golf cart was originally designed to accommodate.
  • All carts must have the minimum safety equipment: headlights and brake lights, rearview mirror, slow-moving vehicle sign and horn.
  • Open alcoholic containers and other illegal substances are prohibited in the golf cart during operation.

Violators of the golf cart ordinance are subject to fines, enforced by ZPD.

Golf Cart Rules