Key Road Projects

*All projects are subject to change

CR 800 E. and Oak St. Roundabout

This roundabout is open to traffic. The area will continue to be an active construction zone while the remaining items are completed. Please be aware of the presence of workers and continue to exercise caution.

CR 300 S. Closure Between CR 800 E. and CR 875 E.

CR 300 S. between CR 800 E. and CR 875 E. will be closed from September 26, 2023 through spring 2024 for a bridge replacement. The detour follows 800 E., 400 S., 875 E.

Oak Street Pathway Corridor Study

In the spring of 2023, DPW started a pathway corridor study along Oak Street to explore options to add multi-use pathways. The study corridor spans Oak Street from the Blackstone subdivision on the west end to CR 950 East on the east end. It is anticipated the study will take place over the next few months. Because a pathway on Oak Street would take years to develop, it is expected that the pathways will be added in phases. A combination of off-road pathways and on-road pathways for cyclists will be considered.

Funding has been approved in the 2024 budget for the construction of an initial phase of the Oak Street pathway corridor. No specific location identified yet.

Oak Street pathway corridor study

Pathway Projects

Several pathways are funded for construction and will be completed in 2024:

CR 875 E Pathways

  • West side of CR 875 E
  • South side of CR 400 S
  • Big-4 Rail Trail to and from Trailside Elementary
  • Big-4 Rail Trail to and from Hampshire

Whitestown Road Pathway

  • North side of Mulberry St
  • South side of Whitestown Rd

Zionsville Wastewater Department Sewer Extension Project

Click here for information about the Sewer Extension project.

CR 300 S. Corridor Project

Through a grant from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Town partnered with the Boone County Highway Department to conduct a corridor study along CR 300 S. from CR 800 E. to the Boone/Hamilton county line. The purpose of this study was to identify a preliminary scope and a potential design of future road widening and intersection improvements considering feasibility, costs, impacts to properties, environmental concerns and bridge needs. 

While there is one known bridge replacement project planned in the near future, there are no identified intersection or road projects at this time. The information learned from this study will guide bridge design as these structures are maintained and replaced as needed. Future intersection or roadway capacity projects will not be undertaken until the volume of vehicles and levels of service justify the improvements.

Upcoming Projects

INDOT's 52@65

This project is designed to improve the level of service of the I-65 interchange at US 52 near Lebanon. The project will provide improved mobility and direct access to the areas east and west of I-65, north of Lebanon.

The project is in the design phase, which is expected to be completed by Fall 2024. The next step will be to accept bids from construction contractors and vendors, which is scheduled for late 2024, with construction beginning in Spring 2025. Substantial construction should be complete by Fall 2026.

Find more information here.

INDOT's 421 Forward

The proposed project will begin approximately 2.91 miles north of I-465 (just north of Greenfield/Templin Road) and extend north for approximately 2.9 miles along US 421 to a point approximately 2.86 miles south of SR 32. The proposed project is anticipated to consist of various roadway improvements including pavement rehabilitation, addition of auxiliary lanes, intersection improvements, pedestrian facilities, and storm drainage enhancements.

Find more information here.