Zionsville Parks Summer Camps

Focus on Forests

Registration Information

  • Zionsville Summer Camp registration is online at www.zionsvilleparksandrecreation.org
  • You must have a MyRec account to register
  • Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Children must be correct age at start of their camp.
  • To receive residential rate, you must be a resident of Zionsville. Note: Address or school does not dictate whether you live within Zionsville boundaries.

Zionsville Parks and Recreation 2023 Summer Camp Registration is now CLOSED. Spots are still available in Skyhawks sports camps.

Camp registration will open in March 2024.

Zionsville 2023 Flyer Summer Skyhawks
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Counselor-in-Training CIT Program

  • The Counselor in Training (CIT) program with Zionsville Parks offers teens who’ve aged out of our traditional camps an opportunity to learn valuable leadership and real-life skills during the summer. 
  • Through guidance and support from the counselors they are working with, CITs will learn through team building, leadership training, and assisting with camp activities. 
  • This program allows CITs to experience increased responsibility and independence at camp while still enjoying all the fun that camp has to offer. 
  • Ages: 13 – 15 years
  • CIT will be considered on a first come first serve basis.
  • There will be limited CIT positions in camps for ages 4 - 8 years. No CIT positions are available in 9 - 12 year old camps.
  • All CIT are required to attend a mandatory camp training session Friday, June 2 from 9 - 11 am

CIT Applications are CLOSED for 2023

Summer Camp Scholarships

The Zionsville Parks Foundation recognizes that quality summer camp programs are important to your family health and strive to ensure every Zionsville child has an opportunity to attend. The Foundation offers financial assistance to Zionsville residents who may face financial hardship in paying camp registration fees.  

  • A limited number of scholarship funds are available for those who qualify. 
  • To serve as many families as possible, scholarships will be awarded based on need and may not cover the full camp registration amount. 
  • Applying does not guarantee any financial assistance or guaranteed registration into any particular camp.
  • If approved the scholarship will be issued as a credit on your MyRec account that must be used for camp registration by March 31.

Camp Scholarship Applications Are CLOSED for 2023

Zionsville Parks Foundation

Camp Policies and Procedures


Transfer Policy

A transfer from one day camp to another day camp is contingent upon the availability of spots within the desired camp. If the camp is at maximum capacity, a transfer will not be allowed.

Wait List Policy

There is no fee to be placed on the wait list. If a spot becomes available in the desired camp, the camper's parent/guardian that is prioritized at the top of the wait list will be notified via email through MyRec. The parent/guardian will have 24 hours from the time of the notification email to make payment in full for the desired camp. If payment has not been received in full, the next camper’s parent/guardian will be notified.

Age Policy

The cutoff date for a camper’s age on the first day of the camp week.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  • The Zionsville Parks and Recreation will issue a full refund if the department cancels a camp. 
  • Cancellation for a camp must be requested a minimum of 4 weeks from the respective camp date to receive a 100% refund, less a $10 service charge for cancellation per camp, per camper. 
  • Cancellations made a minimum of 2 weeks from the respective camp date will receive a 50% refund. 
  • Cancellations made less than 2 weeks from the camp date will not be issued a refund. 
  • There will be no camper substitutions.

Inclusion and Modifications

The Zionsville Parks and Recreation Summer camp program is committed to being an inclusive program. We will make reasonable modifications to allow participants of many different ability levels to join our camp programs. 

With that in mind, our summer camps are not specialized or therapeutic programs. Safety of our staff and each participant is our top priority. Planning reasonable modifications may take time. The earlier we know of your need the more likely we can make modifications before the programs begin. We reserve the right to decline modifications if said modifications fundamentally alter the nature of the program or is unreasonable as outlined by ADA regulations.