Home Safety Tips

Tips for Homeowners
  • Always lock your home when going away, even on a short errand.
  • Make sure the exterior doors are solid core wood or metal.
  • Make sure that you have good dead bolt locks installed on your doors.
  • Install a peephole viewer in your doors with a view angle of at least 180 degrees.
  • Secure all of your sliding glass doors with a strong wooden dowel in the door track or a commercially produced product that stops the door form movement.
  • Secure all double-hung windows with a small bolt, nail or commercially available product to block the window from being raised.
  • Make sure that walkways and entryways are well lit after dark.
  • Use timers on lights and set a staggered pattern throughout the house.
  • Keep shrubbery and trees around the house trimmed back to avoid leaving places for criminals to climb to second stories or hide around windows and doors.
  • Never hide keys to the house outside. The hidden key trick is well known by criminals.
  • Should you purchase a new home or loose your keys, re-key the doors to the house.
  • List, photograph and engrave your valuables. If possible video tape your property and make sure that this information is stored in a safe place off site.