24 Hour Spill Hotline - IDEM

For emergency spills and other major pollution concerns, including hazardous material releases, fish kills or oil spills, contact the Indiana Department of Environmental Management’s (IDEM) 24-Hour Spill Hotline at 317-233-7745 or toll-free at 888-233-7745 or call 911.

 Report-A-Polluter - Town of Zionsville

The Town of Zionsville Stormwater Department is responsible for identifying and eliminating illegal sources of pollution to the storm sewer system and local waterways. Storm sewers are the inlets, pipes and ditches that are designed to drain runoff during rain events and lead directly to lakes and streams.

Discharging anything to storm sewers other than stormwater and a few exempted discharges, such as irrigation water and uncontaminated groundwater, is a violation of the Town’s Stormwater Ordinance Section 12-2 Prohibited Discharges and Connections. Common sources of pollution to storm sewers include contaminated runoff from construction sites, dumping of paint and other household wastes into storm drains and illegal septic system discharges.

To report a pollution concern to the Town of Zionsville, please contact the Stormwater Department at 317-873-4544 or submit a report on the Report-a-Polluter form.