Stormwater Individual Lot Permit (SWILP)

New residential construction or any activity resulting in 10,000 square feet. or more but less than 1 acre of total land disturbance must apply for a Stormwater Individual Lot Permit.  Individual lot projects located within a larger project, such as a residential subdivision, that has an active Zionsville Stormwater Management Permit are exempt from permit fees.  Permits will be required for all new projects including those located in existing approved subdivisions.

Projects located in a Boone County Legal Drain Subdivision and therefore having to obtain a Boone County Drainage Permit will not be required to also obtain a Zionsville Stormwater Individual Lot Permit.  The Boone County Surveyor’s Office may be reached at 765-483-4444 to determine permitting requirements. View the Legal Drain Subdivisions in Zionsville List (PDF).

A Zionsville Stormwater Individual Lot Permit or Boone County Drainage Permit must be submitted to the Zionsville Planning Department for applicable projects at the time of Improvement Location Permit (Building Permit) application.

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