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Sign Permit Application - Multiple-Tenants

  1. Multi-Tenant Building

  2. Site Information:

  3. Applicant / Contractor

  4. Property Owner

  5. Proposed Sign:

  6. On-Premise:

  7. Off Premise:

  8. Illuminated

  9. Height Above Grade:

  10. Setbacks:

  11. Number and Size of All Existing Signs:

  12. Pole:

  13. Features

  14. Monument:

  15. Features

  16. Wall:

  17. Features

  18. Signature*

    The undersigned hereby certifies that the above information is true and correct as (s)he is informed and believes and agrees, that as a condition of making this application and of its issuance, to conform to the building code of the Town of Zionsville and all instructions and directions of the Building Commissioner and Inspectors.

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