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Posted on: August 31, 2020

Message from Mayor Emily Styron


A couple of items to share with you this month.  


The Town of Zionsville is serious about pedestrian and bus stop safety. Since the start of this school year, record numbers of children are walking and biking to school.  This is a healthy and terrific choice!  And the Zionsville Police Department is working to make it safer through several targeted efforts.  We don’t want children to navigate some traffic crossings by themselves.  At arrival and departure times, ZPD officers have been deployed to several crosswalks, roundabouts, and along other routes to schools to direct traffic and assist children.  In addition, ZPD has deployed unmarked cars to patrol bus routes.  If someone attempts to pass a stopped school bus, enforcement can result in immediate consequences.  If there are other locations that can benefit from ZPD assistance, please contact We care deeply about the children of our town.  Ensuring they get to and from school safely is a number one priority for us.  


Additionally, please take time today to complete your Census questionnaire. This is our last chance this decade to ensure our community is fully represented when it’s time to allocate grant and government funding. The #2020Census can shape many aspects of our community: health clinics, fire departments, schools, roads and highways. Complete your questionnaire online, by phone or by mail today!


Finally, I hope to see you at an upcoming Creekside Chat. For more details, click here

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