Posted on: December 15, 2017

Street & Stormwater Department 2018 road projects update

Community Crossings Grant program

The Town was awarded a maximum of $486,562.71 from INDOT as part of Community Crossings Grant program. Road projects as part of this grant include:

  • Repair and resurface CR 950 East from approximately the north edge of the Courtyards subdivision to Whitestown Road as a joint project with the Boone County Highway Department.
  • Repair and resurface Oak Street from Quail Run Drive to CR 950 East/Sheets Road.
  • Reconstruction of Parkway Drive in its entirety.
  • Reconstruction of Brendon Way in its entirety.
  • Repair and resurface Maxwell Lane.

These projects are being awarded to a contractor based on a public bid opening and are expected to begin in early 2018.

Zionsville Road widening project

Design is near completion for the Zionsville Road widening project. Construction plans entail widening the road to add a center turn lane as well as a multi-use path on the west side of the road. To speed up the timeline and reduce costs, the road will likely be closed during part of the construction process.

Oak Street and Ford Road pedestrian crossing

A project to add new pedestrian crossings at Oak Street and Ford Road was up for bid in 2017, however, the bids received were much higher than expected and all were rejected. The project has been re-bid and will be awarded in the near future in anticipation of construction beginning in early 2018 and being completed by mid-summer.

South Main Street improvements

The department is looking to improve pedestrian and bicycle access on South Main Street across Eagle Creek. This could include adding an independent pedestrian bridge paralleling South Main Street just north of Bub’s Burgers. Another option is to modify the bridge to reduce vehicular travel lanes and offer wider and more protected bike and pedestrian use. Plans are being developed in anticipation for construction in 2018.


CR 700 Pathway

Poor weather has cause a delay in the completion of the CR 700 Pathway, a pathway that will connect Zionsville West Middle School and the Royal Run subdivision. Weather conditions have delayed paving until next spring.

Drainage projects

In 2017, the Street & Stormwater Department completed Phase I of the 4th Street Drainage Project, which addressed the block from Sycamore Street to Hawthorne Street. A bid opening was recently held for phase II which will complete the corridor project from Hawthorne Street to Pine Street. Construction could begin in early 2018 and be completed by mid-summer.

The 3rd Street Drainage Project is designed to reduce localized flooding events along the 3rd Street corridor from Oak Street to Walnut Street by increasing stormwater pipe capacity. This project has been awarded to a contractor. Construction activities are expected to begin early 2018.

Engineering work continues on drainage improvements in the Irongate subdivision to reduce and eliminate localized flooding at the Irongate Drive entrance.

Local street repair

The annual local street program will focus on the Village and the subdivisions Colony Woods and Irongate. Detailed street listings based on final available funding will be developed over the winter. Construction will begin in early summer 2018 and completed by the end of summer.

Other noteworthy projects

Design has begun on a new roadway segment that will connect the intersection of 850 East/Cooper Road with CR 875 East to the north, also known as the North-South Connector. The design includes a roundabout at the intersection of 850 East/Cooper Road and Oak Street as well as a roundabout at the intersection of CR 875 East and Whitestown Road. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2019.

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