Posted on: October 20, 2017

ZFD Gives Alternatives to Leaf Burning

leaf burn

 Inside Town limits, there is leaf pick-up offered by the Street Department.  As noted on the Town website (http://www.zionsville-in.gov/153/Leaf-Collection) for 2017, leaf collection begins Monday, October 23rd and will continue to December 1st (weather permitting). Please be mindful of the following courtesies during leaf collection:

“Rake your leaves into long narrow piles along the curb. This makes it easier and quicker for us to vacuum the leaves; we cannot reach leaves more than a few feet from the edge of the street, and will not go up into yards to retrieve leaves the hoses cannot reach.  The leaf vacuums can only accept leaves. Please do not place sticks, pine cones, gravel or other non-leaf objects in your piles. Any damage to our leaf vacuums can delay collection.  Park your cars off the street if possible.”

There is no set schedule or particular day for leaf collection as the volume of leaves placed for collection cannot be controlled or predicted, and therefore the service varies each week. Every attempt is made to make a complete round through town each week, but during heavy times the service may extend to biweekly. 

For residential customers of Ray’s Trash Service there is a pick-up option for bagged leaves, up to 20 bags in addition to your normal 10 bag limit, through the last 2-weeks of November.  After that, there is an additional fee for service.  For further details on collection by Ray’s Trash Service, call 317-539-2024.  See the Zionsville Fire Department Website for additional information on open burning at: http://www.zionsville-in.gov/town-services/fire-department/services/fire-marshal/open-burning/

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