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The Mighty Mason Bee

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Want to grow more fruit and berries this year? Invite super-pollinating mason bees into your yard and garden! Mason bees are native Indiana hole-nesting bees that don’t live in a hive and they don’t make honey, but they do make our food. They spend the winter hibernating in cocoons and they fly in the spring, so March is a great time to prepare a nesting box for them. Heather Harvey from Bees Gone Wild will show you everything you need to know to get started with these powerful pollinators. She will discuss the bees’ lifecycle, how to raise them, and how to provide them with nesting habitat.

Registration is limited and participants will receive 25 nesting tubes and a comprehensive native bee guide booklet. Workshop fee is due at start of program (exact cash, check or Visa, MC, Discover accepted).

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