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The Town of Zionsville is committed to advancing our town as a vibrant community to live, learn, work and play. We are excited to share how we are working on behalf of Zionsville constituents. 

Parks and Parks Amenities

In the Spring of 2017, the Town of Zionsville, through the Park and Recreation Board, completed the master plan process for the new Overley-Worman Park. We broke ground on this park in March 2020. Overley-Worman Park will feature mountain bike trails, disc golf, paved and natural walking trails, a fishing pier and boardwalk around the pond, a bridge connecting with the Big-4 Rail Trail and other amenities.

New parks amenities have been added including pickleball courts, cornhole, playgrounds and temporary restrooms. We upgraded and repaired the Mulberry Fields skate park. We are laying the groundwork to add 6.676 lineal feet of paved path and 1,841 lineal feet of natural path in 2021 with the construction of Overley-Worman Park

Overley-Worman Park Progress

Overley-Worman Park Construction

Carpenter Nature Sanctuary

In the summer of 2020, Mayor Emily Styron and Deputy Mayor Julie Johns-Cole toured the 200+ acres formerly known as Wolf Run Golf Club. Mayor Emily later contacted Jim and Nancy Carpenter, Zionsville residents with a love for nature, and together came up with a vision for the property. Town leadership is now working with the Carpenters, founders of Wild Birds Unlimited, to bring that vision to life with the goal of someday seeing the Carpenter Nature Preserve become a park and nature sanctuary for Zionsville.

Nancy and Jim Carpenter (photo: Current in Zionsville

Nancy and Jim Carpenter

Planning for a Community Center

Town administration frequently hears from residents: when will Zionsville open a Community Center? Early in 2021 the Parks Department released a request for proposal for the conceptual planning of a community center. Several design firms responded and presented before a review committee. The design firm selected will partner with the Town as we engage the community in the planning of this public space. The Parks Department will begin the planning and community engagement process in fall of 2021.   

Heritage Trail Dog Park

Heritage Trail Dog Park, Zionsville's first dog park, opened in 2020. Open from dawn to dusk, this 3.5-acre park is divided in half to accommodate both large and small dogs. Opening a dog park was one of Mayor Emily Styron's goals and this dog park has further strengthened our incredible parks system and the amenities we offer.

Heritage Trail Dog park

Heritage Trail Dog Park Summer

Climate Action Plan

The Town of Zionsville made a commitment to address climate change. As one of 11 communities selected to be part of Indiana University’s second Resilience Cohort, the Town of Zionsville created a Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We conducted a comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, engaged businesses and residents with a series of surveys and in late 2020, unveiled Zionsville's first Climate Action Plan. Every three years, the town will update the plan’s progress, incorporate new sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction strategies and update older strategies.

Z-CAP report 2020-logo with Z

Zionsville Community Enrichment Grant

In an effort to award financial assistance to local community-serving organizations, in 2021, the Town of Zionsville launched the Zionsville Community Enrichment Grant. Nonprofit organizations located in Boone County that serve Zionsville residents and businesses are eligible for funding. The Zionsville Community Enrichment Grant Committee awards grants on a semi-annual basis. First-round grants were awarded last spring and seven local non-profits receive grant dollars from the Town. 

Zionsville Community Enrichment Grant Logo