Department FAQs

Zionsville Finance & Records Department

  • How do I pay my wastewater bill?

You can pay your bill online via our website, by phone at (833) 303-3764, by mail or drop your payment in the green Town of Zionsville mailbox located on the east side of parking lot. For questions, call (317) 873-2469.

  • How do I apply for Public Assistance?

You can pick up an application from the box located on the side of the green Town of Zionsville mailbox or print an application from our website (see “Town Services”). Completed Public Assistance Applications should be dropped in the green Town of Zionsville mailbox or emailed to Doris Preyer at We will check this mailbox regularly. For questions, call (317) 873-2469.

  • How do I pay my traffic ticket? 

The March 19 Town Court session is cancelled. It has been rescheduled for May 21 at 5:30 p.m. You can pay your ticket by mail or online at:

  • How do I reserve a garden plot?

Garden Plot rental is temporarily suspended.

Zionsville Street & Stormwater Department

  • Who should I contact regarding right-of-way permit applications and inquires on working within the public rights of way of the town?

Please send an email to both and

  • Who should I contact regarding permit applications?

Please send an email to Linda Dafoe at

  • Who do I contact for general questions?

General questions can be emailed or call the Street Department main line at (317) 873-4544.

Zionsville Parks & Recreation Department

  • Are Zionsville parks and outside spaces closed to visitors?

Currently, those specific park portions are open during the usual hours. And for their safety, we urge visitors to observe the CDC’s social distancing precautions and to not facilitate or attend gatherings within the parks.

  • What about Zion Nature Center, Zionsville Golf Course or Environmental and other Park programming?

The following are closed: Zion Nature Center, Zionsville Golf Course, Skate Park at Mulberry Fields, restrooms at Mulberry Fields, basketball courts and tennis courts. Park programs and gatherings will not be held.

  • Will the parks be maintained during the time of the facilities closure?

Yes, Park staff will still be on duty in the parks. As the situation allows, underway park projects will continue.

Zionsville Police Department

Officers will still respond to emergency calls.

  • How can I get a copy of a police report?

Please contact Trish Whitesides by email at

  • Will you be issuing permits?

Gun permits will be processed by phone with a credit card payment. Please call Trish Whitesides at (317) 430-5209 to complete you gun permit process.

Golf Cart Permits will be processed by phone at (317) 430-5209 with a credit card payment. Your Golf Cart permit should be emailed to before payment. Golf Cart Permits will be mailed to your residence.  

  • Who do I contact for alcohol permit requests?

Please email:

  • What if I need to talk to a police officer or make a report?

You may contact the Boone County Central Dispatch and request an officer call you back.

Zionsville Planning & Economic Development Department

  • Monitoring Communications

During this time, department staff will utilize its ability to remotely retrieve landline phone messages, cellular phone messages, and electronic communication.  Please continue to communicate with the department in the manner to which is most convenient for you.  If participating in e-communications, its best to include more than one department staff member in the communication (as to ensure coverage). 

Town emails and phone numbers remain the same, per this link:  If in doubt as to who to initially send communications, please send to and copy

  • Intake of Applications (Permits, Agreements, Petitions)

During this time, our department will accept emailed documents sent to and copy, which will allow department members to remotely review those documents. This temporary departure from current practices is designed to support the remote nature of staff from its resources.  Once ‘business as usual’ at Town Hall is restored, color, scalable, hard copies of previously submitted documents (and the appropriate number of copies) should be submitted.  All e-communications are encouraged to copy several department staff members.

  • Processing of Applications (Permits, Agreements and Petitions)

For Applications which can be processed remotely and do not require a public hearing, department members will endeavor to accomplish this task remotely.  Best practices as to email are found in the Monitoring Communications section of this FAQ.

For Applications which require a public hearing, department members will endeavor to accomplish this task remotely.  Instructions as to email are found in the Monitoring Communications section of this FAQ. Conducting the public hearing will be regulated by the presiding body (failure to assemble a quorum will result in a continuance to the following month).

For Applications which require participation of ZFD, WWTP, and STORM, we will rely on those individual offices to process its independent application and generate comments and invoices (each department already prepares both comments and invoices).

  • Payments (including Application Fees, Filing Fees, Impact Fees, Permit Fees, and Reinspection Fees)

Please remit payments via mail or the Zionsville Town Hall (Utility Billing) drop box (sorry, we cannot accept electronic payments at this time). Please enclose a copy of any invoices or “fee sheets” generated by the Town associated with the payments.  Mailing address:  1100 West Oak Street, Zionsville, Indiana, 46077.  If using the Town Hall drop box located in the east side of the Town Hall parking lot, please enclose the payment(s) in an envelope, and, on the outside of the envelope, please list your name (and name of project or type of filing), address of project (if address has not been assigned, please list your mailing address), petition, permit, and invoice number (all if applicable), check number(s) and the amount of each enclosed check(s).  This will allow for easier sorting of the payments arriving in the drop box.

  •  Facilitating Building Inspections

Please call the main line at 317-873-8247 to request an inspection.  During this time, the department will be unable to facilitate timed inspections (exceptions will be made for footings inspections), and date specific inspections may as well need some flexibility.  Please specify date and time needs in your communications, as well as permit number, address of the property seeking an inspection as well as the type of inspection being requested.  Additionally, furnishing plan sets in the field may be beneficial to our processes.

  • Plan Review

Plans will be reviewed in the order received by the department.  Due to technological limitations, large plan sets or file sizes may require coordination prior to submittal.  Please call the main line at 317-873-8247 or email and copy on the communication if specific questions. 

  • Economic Development Inquiries

Zionsville remains open for business.  Please continue to direct inquiries to Wayne DeLong (317-873-5108) or (and please cc  We look forward to speaking with you.