Public Services

  1. Permits

    View the various permits that are granted by the street and stormwater department.

  2. Bid Postings

    See bid postings for upcoming projects.

  3. Seasonal Services

    Take a look at the types of work that the Street and Stormwater Department does during the different seasons.

  4. Stormwater Programs

    Rule 13, officially 327 IAC 15-13, deals with storm water run-off associated with Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS-4) conveyances.

  5. Stormwater Quality Management Plan

    Find out what is currently going on with the Stormwater Quality Management Plan.

  6. Stormwater Utility

    Read about the Stormwater Utility Programs.

  7. Water Utility

    The water for the Town is provided by Citizens's Water.

  8. Wastewater Utility

  9. Sewer Billing

    Questions concerning sewer bills, change of address, cancel service.

  10. Trash Pick Up

    Trash collection for the Town as is on the sewer bill. If have questions, please contact sewer billing.