Notification Sign Up

In the interest of public safety, the Zionsville Police Department has implemented an additional way by which citizens may stay informed of ongoing emergencies or important information. Interested citizens may enter their email address on this page to be included in this project.

All that is needed is to email the notification program with “JOIN” as the subject. Your email address will then be processed in the notification database. In the event of an emergency or important law enforcement information in your area, you will receive that information by email.

Making Changes
You may also be removed from the notification system by sending an email to the notification system with the word “Remove” as the subject. Should your email address change and you would still like to participate, please send an email with “CHANGE” as the subject. Please include your old address in the text body that you wish to be removed from the database.

Please adjust your spam filter to allow email from "" Failure to do so will result in you missing our emails.