Stormwater Education & Participation

  1. Clear Choices Clean Water

    Zionsville is an active participant in the Upper White River Watershed Alliance. The Alliance includes a group of other communities located in our watershed that works together to achieve the goal of clean water.

  2. Rain Catching Barrels

    The Zionsville Street and Stormwater Department joined forces with the SullivanMunce Cultural Center and the Zionsville Cultural District to promote water conservation through artistic creation!

  3. Rain Gardens

    A rain garden is a landscaped area of your yard that is designed to capture, temporarily store and infiltrate stormwater runoff.

  4. Stormwater Quality Awareness Quiz

    Take a quiz to see how aware you are of stormwater quality.

  5. USGS Stream Gauge on Eagle Creek

    The Town of Zionsville has partnered with the US Geological Survey to install water quality monitoring equipment at the existing stream flow gauge located on Eagle Creek at Creekside Park.