Apply For

  1. Employment Opportunities

    Locate your perfect job by searching through available employment opportunities.

  2. Fire Marshal Inspections

    The primary mission of the Zionsville Fire Department Code Enforcement Division is to provide the citizens of Zionsville with the highest level of life safety, environmental preservation and property protection from the hazards of fire.

  3. Planning Permits

    Access the application and forms for the Planning Department of Zionsville.

  4. Public Right of Way Permit

    A permit is required for any work within Public Right-of-Way including alleys, sidewalks and bicycle/pedestrian walkways. This form will soon be available online.

  5. Stormwater Permits

    New residential construction or any activity resulting in 10,000 square feet or more but less than 1 acre of total land disturbance must apply for a Stormwater Individual Lot Permit.

  6. Violation Deferral Program

    Learn about the Ordinance Violation Deferral Program and how you can qualify.